Compressor oils

Compressor oils - putting productivity first

Basically, all our customers share one objective: They expect reliable compressor operation enabling clean compressed air, or hydrocarbon gases, at an economical level.

Klüber Lubrication compressor oils for the marine industry set new standards and

  • reduce maintenance costs
  • increase compressor reliability
  • reduce costs for spare part inventory
  • reduce costs for used oil disposal

The synthetic air compressor oils of the Klüber Summit DSL series extend the lifetime of reciprocating compressor valves and piston rings compared to mineral or hydrocarbon oil based compressor oils as they form less residues which have a negative effect on compressor performance, reliability and efficiency. You benefit from reduced costs for maintenance and failures and increased energy efficiency due to the low friction coefficient of the synthetic compressor fluid.

The Klüber Summit NGL synthetic compressor oil series for the lubrication of wet cylinders in oil-injected natural gas high-pressure piston compressors enable cost savings by extending the lifetime of valves and piston rings. Compared to mineral oils, the products are very resistant to dilution and absorption by hydrocarbon gases.

Compared to mineral oils, the synthetic compressor oils of the Klüber Summit PGI series for oil-injected process gas compressors working with hydrocarbon-based refrigerants (propane, butane, propylene, etc.) are very resistant to dilution and absorption by hydrocarbon cases. In addition, their long lifetime reduces maintenance and replacement costs due to less frequent oil changes.

Selected lubricants for reciprocating and screw compressors
Klüber Summit DSL 68 / 100 / 125
Klüber Summit NGL 444 / 888
Klüber Summit PGI 68 / 100 / 150

Should you require further details or indeed a specific lubrication solution please do not hesitate to contact Klüber Lubrication.

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