Speciality lubricants for the marine industry

The harsh conditions on ships are barely equalled: blistering cold, stifling heat, rain, wind, salt water, corrosion and high mechanical loads. Such applications require high performance, and demonstrate the difference between conventional and speciality lubricants.

Shipping company staff know best that component failure aboard a ship causes high costs, whether it's a crane, winch or propeller. Additionally, environmental concerns are growing.

Rely on the right partner!

Thanks to our range of approximately 2,000 different speciality lubricants, we always have the right product for your requirements: oils, greases, pastes, bonded coatings, waxes, comprehensive services and decades of experience from research, development and production. We offer marine lubricants for all motors and additional components aboard your ships with the renowned Klüber Lubrication quality.

applications of marine lubricants

Just the best for you: tested reliability

We do not launch lubricants unless they have been put through their paces. For this purpose, we have developed a test bay that is un-parallelled in the industry.

We simulate the exact loads lubricants are subject to in your applications: fluctuating temperatures, high surface pressure, salty air and salt water or micro movements. We work in close collaboration with leading OEMs.

Environmentally sound lubricants made by Klüber Lubrication

The preservation of our unique ecosystem is particularly important to us. Our speciality lubricants not only reduce operating costs, they are also less harmful to the environment than conventional lubricants based on mineral oil. It makes sense to use rapidily biodegradable lubricants to make a small contribution to the lasting protection of the seas.

Powerful, naturally!

Our range of Klüberbio products offers speciality lubricants compatible with the environment while providing excellent wear protection: high performance and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive.

If you have any questions regarding our products or if you wish to discuss a particular application, please call us or send us a mail. Our specialists are nearby and happy to help.

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